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How to Draw SUPER HEROS (PDF download)

How to Draw SUPER HEROS (PDF download)

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DIGITAL VERSION which is downloadable.


After you download the PDF file, you can easily print on any standard desktop printer. Print all pages at once, or a select few on 8.5x11" basic white paper. 

This sketchbook is for anyone that LOVES comics or would like to learn how to draw them.

Unlike other How To Draw books… What sets ours apart from the rest is that you can actually sketch inside of it.  That’s right!  You sketch directly over-top of our unique phase out guideline system.


Each of our sketchbooks uses an easy to follow along “phase-out” system that begins with lots of guidelines that you draw on top of.  As you progress through the sketchbook, the guidelines are slowly taken away, reducing your dependency on those guidelines.

Our GOAL is that as you progress through the how to draw comics sketchbook, you will begin to visualize the shapes and ultimately be able to draw without the need of any guidelines. We’ve also included some commonly used industry reference materials along with over 100 sketch templates into an easy to handle hard cover sketchbook.


  • Anatomy of the Male Super Hero
  • Anatomy of the Female Super Hero
  • Facial Features
  • Head Proportions
  • Head Perspectives
  • Foreshortening the body
  • Torso and Waist Box
  • Adding Costumes to Characters
  • Reference Materials & Templates
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