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How to Draw CARS Sketchbook

How to Draw CARS Sketchbook

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It's unlike any other how to draw book out there.  It was created as a simple way to learn how to draw CARS while practicing sketching at the same time.  This book combines both the learning and sketching into one complete interactive book.

We've designed the How to Draw CARS sketchbook using an easy to follow along "phase-out" system that begins with lots of guidelines and as you progress through the sketchbook, the guidelines are simplified, reducing your dependency on those guidelines. We've also included some commonly used industry reference material along with 100+ sketch templates.

Chapters include:

  • Anatomy of a Car
  • Car Types
  • Proportions
  • Perspectives
  • Orthographics
  • Drawing Wheels
  • Sketching
  • Reference Material and Templates
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