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We begin with an overview of the most commonly used tools and then apply them to a real world footwear project.  This content is suited for the beginner level user and will teach you the necessary skills required by today’s Industrial and Footwear Designers.

Adobe Illustrator® offers a variety of new tools and functionality enhancing any workflow, and in this video tutorial, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals, tools, menu commands, and methods used in design.  Exclusive content covering the basic fundamentals including setting up shortcut “hot-keys” and actual real world footwear tips and techniques.  Illustrator is the preferred, industry-standard software for creating vector artwork and designs.

Over 2.5 hours of exclusive content. 

Recommended for Beginner level Illustrator users.

Downloadable Digital video file.

*Best viewed with VLC Viewer. Click HERE to download for FREE!

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