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6/pc Premium Pencil Set

6/pc Premium Pencil Set

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If you Love Sketching or Doodling  and have a passion for Drawing, you’ll need something to draw with!

Each of our custom graphite pencils were developed to work perfectly with our sketchbooks. 

We wanted to ensure our customers had the best quality drawing tools.  Each of our pencils comes with an eraser end which allows you to erase any unwanted lines.  With 6 pencils in all, there’s a variety of the most common hardness’ used.  These include: 8B, 4B, 2B and three HB’s which is used the most.

These pencils each contain eraser ends.

Suitable for any age.

  • HB (3/pc)
  • 2B (1/pc)
  • 4B (1/pc)
  • 8B (1/pc)
*Sketchbook, Stencils sold separately.
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