This video tutorial takes you through an intricate process using Adobe Illustrator’s “Gradient Mesh” tool. The opening chapter of the video explains the basic techniques that will be used throughout the tutorial. After the intro, the video speeds up 2x and shows you the entire process of how to render this portrait image. The Gradient Mesh process is repeated throughout so there is no need for further explanation. With a specific focus on the Gradient Mesh tool, learn how to manipulate vector shapes and achieve a high level of realism. An actual photograph image is used as an underlay for reference. **There is no instructor narration after the overview of each chapter. Some basic knowledge using Illustrator is recommended.

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Additional Product Information
Digital Download
Running Time:
120 mins
Works On:
Mac, PC
Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator
Files Included:
Ruslan Khasanov
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Instructor Profile

Ruslan Khasanov

Visual Designer

Ruslan was born in Ufa (Ural), grew up in Nyagan (Western Siberia), and educated in Yekaterinburg. He attended the USAAA (Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts) in Faculty of Design. He is currently completing his Master’s Degree at the USAAA Academy. Ruslan also works as a freelance designer specializing in visual design, concept development and brand identity.