How to Draw: FIGURES Video Tutorial

This video tutorial explains Josh's process in putting together the human form. These tutorials go hand-in-hand with the "How to Draw: FIGURES" Sketchbook. You do not need to purchase the sketchbook in order to follow along with the video instruction, but we highly recommended getting a copy of the sketchbook. Video instruction on how Josh draws the Ear, Eyes, Figure, Foot, Hand, Head, Mouth and Nose are packed in 2hr and 33 minutes of instruction. Follow along at your own pace. This video also include a "PDF Starter Pack" which contains sample pages from the actual sketchbook. With these, you can get an idea of whats inside the sketchbook and begin to start drawing. This video tutorial collection will appeal to a wide range of artists, as the human form is something everyone can relate to. Although its a complex mechanism, its something that we can easily break down into bite-sized parts. By doing this, we feel anyone, at any age or any skill level can enjoy this video.


Additional Product Information
Digital Download
Running Time:
2hr 33min
Works On:
Mac, PC
Software Used:
Sketchbook Pro
Files Included:
Joshua Fraser
Beginner, Intermediate
Instructor Profile
Joshua Fraser

Joshua Fraser

Designer / Artist -Suacony

Josh is an experienced creative leader in the footwear industry. Currently working for Saucony in Boston, MA. Has been drawing since he could pick up a crayon and has never stopped. He creates illustrations and paintings in his spare time and is a huge collector of vintage furniture and rare toys.