Expand your understanding of Illustrator and achieve an expert level of rendering skills. Adobe Illustrator is the preferred, industry-standard software for creating vector artwork and designs. Over 2.5 hours of exclusive content covering some of the most widely used tools for rendering highly realistic designs. Mark begins with an overview of the importance in starting any project off with a well thought out concept design. From there, building basic shapes based on a shoe design, adding gradients, highlight brushes and shadows. This content is suited for intermediate and advanced level Illustrator users and is perfect for anyone looking to take their rendering skills to the next level.


Additional Product Information
Digital Download, DVD
Running Time:
160 mins
Works On:
Mac, PC
Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator
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Mark Kokavec
Instructor Profile

Mark Kokavec

Render Demo

Mark studied transportation and product design at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit Michigan. He's worked professionally for major footwear brands like Reebok, Converse/Nike, Under Armour, Burton, Puma and New Balance. He's worked closely with, and designed signature shoes for pro athletes Venus Williams and Dwyane Wade.

He founded Render Demo in 2008, so that all designers could benefit from video demos by industry leaders. Ranked one of the top design sketching and rendering resources online, It's been widely used by designers all around the globe looking to learn drawing, sketching and rendering techniques.