How to Draw: SUPER HEROES (Limited Edition)

This is a Limited Edition run with an ORANGE COVER.

Only 100 copies available!!!

So get em while they last!!

The How to Draw: SUPER HEROES sketchbook uses an easy to follow along "phase-out" system that begins with lots of guidelines. As you progress through the sketchbook, the guidelines are simplified, therefore reducing your dependency on those guidelines. We have also included some commonly used industry reference material along with 100+ sketch templates into the most popular and commonly used Moleskine sketchbook form.

We have been building upon our success with How to Draw: Cars, Figures and Athletic Shoes. This is our 4th sketchbook that we've created, and with each new sketchbook we become better and better. Our goal is to offer a simple and easy way to learn the basics of drawing comic book SUPER HEROES while being able to practice sketching at the same time. It is unlike any other how to draw book out there because you can sketch right inside the sketchbook. Right along side the step-by-step instructions. There aren't any books out there that we felt truly combine both the "learning" and "sketching" aspects into one complete interactive book. So, we've started creating them!

How to Draw: SUPER HEROES is fun and will appeal to a wide range of artists. We feel anyone, at any age or any skill level will love this sketchbook. Enjoy!



MALE Super Hero stencil

Durable plastic drawing stencils let you create guides on any paper. Fits perfectly inside the sketchbook!

FEMALE Super Hero stencil

Additional Product Information
Publication Date:
May 01, 2017
5.75 x 8.5 inches