In this video tutorial, Dwayne demonstrates the basic drawing techniques he uses when drawing cars. The lecture begins with a detailed look at setting up a side view along with accurate translation into the front and rear views. Next, he explains the effects of light direction, core values and hard surface reflections on a 3/4 SUV perspective. Follow along as he renders a sports car using a loose sketching technique which gives Dwayne his recognizable style. This tutorial is for anyone interested in learning the basics in how to sketch, draw and render a sports car.


Additional Product Information
Digital Download, DVD
Running Time:
4.0 hours
Works On:
Mac, PC
Software Used:
Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Photoshop
Files Included:
Dwayne Patterson
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Instructor Profile

Dwayne Patterson

Sr. Designer
Volvo Truck Studio

Dwayne Patterson attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI where he studied Automotive Design. Prior to this Dwayne also attended Morehouse College where he received a BA in Fine Art. His career began at ASC working on SEMA show car projects for Chrysler, GM, Mitsubishi and Toyota. Dwayne then joined General Motors where he's worked in the Global Truck, International Joint Venture and Cadillac design studios. Dwayne has worked on projects such as the Pontiac G8, Vibe and Converj show cars, including the Cadillac XLR. His freelance work includes companies Sea Ray, Spyker Automotive, Panoz Auto Development, Gibbs and various military contracts. Dwayne currently works for Volvo in South Carolina.