In this tutorial, Arturo Arino demonstrates his process for designing a futuristic sports car and how to select the final design from his concept sketches. Beginning the rendering off with sketch lineart, Arturo demonstrates his process for rendering that three-quarter view into a final presentation piece in Adobe Photoshop®. Arturo begins with explaining his criteria for selecting the best elements of numerous sketches and how he combines them into the final design. He leads you through his workflow starting with blocking out basic shapes and applying a color base. Throughout the rendering demo, Arturo focuses on keeping the design accurate and well organized layering windows. He then moves on to adding light and shadows in the three-quarter view in Photoshop, adding details to the line drawing and finishing with highlights, reflections, and background to present the vehicle in a well proportioned composition that brings the final design to life. Format: SD 1024x768


Additional Product Information
Digital Download
Running Time:
3 hrs 16 minutes
Works On:
Mac, PC
Software Used:
Adobe Photoshop
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Arturo Arino
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Instructor Profile

Arturo Arino

Transportation Designer
National Electric Vehicle Sweden

Arturo Arino graduated from UIA College in 2010, with a B.S. Degree in Industrial Design. He traveled away from his country the day after graduation to follow his dream of becoming an automotive designer. Arturo has been working in two different fields during his carrier, Automotive Design and 3D modeling with Maya. Arturo’s professional experience includes companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, BAIC and he is currently a Transportation Designer at NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden)